36 hours until the registration closes.

36 hours until the registration closes.
Right now 351 registered, from 3 clubs (36 if we split up Judo team Erfurt in its parts). 100 people who has signed up for the training camp with Victor Carlsson (Assistant national coach) on Sunday.
Looking forward to meeting you all!


Just 5 more days until the registration closes

It’s time to sign up for Staffanstorps judogames, the registration closes on Friday November 2nd.

There are currently 25 clubs form 5 countries that already have signed up. We have just now little over 300 starts.

We have 90 people that will come for the training camp on Sunday.


20 clubs registered and another country

We are now 20 clubs that have registered and we have competitors from our neighbour country Norway coming as well.
On the camp there are attendees from Sweden, Denmark and Norway.

17 clubs from 5 countries registered!

We are now 17 different clubs from 5 different countries that have registered for the competition.